Remarketing Terms of Service (Updated 8.8.17)

It's our aim to provide our clients with great service that meets their needs and is designed to meet the needs of their business. 

We guarantee that your campaign will be professional, well designed, and properly executed marketing campaigns for each new client. 

What's Included:

  • 5 Custom Designed Ads for Your Business.
  • Setup of Remarketing Technology to track your visitors.
  • Setup of an account with Google Adwords to run your ads, giving you full access to adjust your budget moving forward.
  • Bonus: 1-month monitoring and campaign optimization.

Not Included: Ad Spend, paid directly to Google Adwords (Generally starts at $1 or $2 dollars daily, adjust at any time).

Additional Terms:


  • Remarketing campaigns require at least a low-level of website traffic to show to clients, estimated at 100-150 visitors per month. If your site is not getting sufficient traffic for the ads to show, we will offer a free courtesy solution to you - such as showing ads to a very narrow audience in your target market. 
  • While we can guarantee your ads will be shown, other metrics like 'click-through rates' and 'cost per click' vary by business.